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Northern Rivers Community Gallery (NRCG) & Ignite Studios is always bursting at its beams with talented artists, ideas and exhibitions. It is considered a major cultural hub located in the historic former council chambers on Bundjalung Land, Ballina. Just a short drive or walk from the hotel, NRGC is the perfect place to be inspired and appreciate the various exhibitions they have on show. You can even grab a delicious coffee or bite to eat from the adjoining Gallery Cafe.

There are four phenomenal exhibitions showing until October 16th, 2022. (Listed below) Two in particular have a focus on the irreplaceable and awe inspiring, Big Scrub Rainforest. If you’re not familiar with our region, The Big Scrub Rainforest is the largest lowland subtropical rainforest in Australia. It has direct descendants to Gondwanan Rainforests that grew across the Gondwana land mass (now Australia) over 40 million years ago. These forests are thick with grand fig trees, vines, creeks, ferns, waterfalls, beautiful bird calls and endangered wildlife species. The flora and fauna thrive from the rich volcanic soils that this area is situated on. Heartbreakingly, 99% of this sacred rainforest has been cleared, leaving a mere 1% for us to protect and appreciate. 

Image source and link to this particular exhibition here 

Currently, many of the National Parks are closed since the floods, so if you can’t head off on a hike through the Big Scrub, these amazing exhibitions are a definite must see on your travels. Experience the rainforest by checking out “Through the Canopy with Words and Music” by  Claire Yerbury. “In this body of work, Claire reaches up, out and through the canopy, exploring this world and how it changes with the flow of day and night, growth and decay, movement and stillness. She seeks to honour its beauty and natural ability to thrive way above and beyond the bumbling of human chaos below”. If you love film photography and forests then “Stories of the Big Scrub” by Tom Wolff is for you. “This exhibition of 35mm film photos, seeks out the stories embedded in these surviving pockets – a living lineage to Gondwana.

Image source and link to this particular exhibition here

Or perhaps you’d like to travel the world (artistically) to Sweden and admire some Scandinavian Culture through “Origin” by Nathalie Dahlgren. “Nathalie is a Swedish born artist based locally in the Northern Rivers. Her paintings explore her Scandinavian origins and the ancient past with references to stone carvings, birch forests and Norse culture”.

Image source and link to this particular exhibition here

But there’s even more talent to see! Do not miss the “In the Meantime” by Miriam Salomon which is “an immersive installation borne of the artist’s ludic explorations of the no-longer-useful”.

Image source and link to this particular exhibition here

The Northern Rivers has endless arts and culture to explore. With so much to experience, why not book a night and make a whole weekend out of it!

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